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About Us

Welcome to Helping Hands Development Center Inc., aka HHDC!!  We are a non-profit 501 c3 organization designed to provide multi-faceted services to students and families in Delaware.  We are community based in Wilmington and it is our desire to assist anyway we can, in bringing a more excellent quality of life to our residents.  One of the services we offer in bringing a more excellent quality of life to the families in our community includes educational counseling and other school-based services offered on a sliding scale.  Life happens and there are many challenges which our students and their families face.  It is crucial that we rise to meet those challenges, in providing the tools necessary to successfully maneuver through these obstacles, so they can fly and flourish in the face of these challenges....


The objectives of HHDC are to support students in maintaining a sense of self control, respect for self and others and in addition, to understand and practice what it means to walk in character and integrity.  It is important they understand the concept of doing the “right thing,” even when no one is watching.  We want them to learn to be responsible decision makers as they simultaneously develop the necessary skills to help them grow and develop confidently.


Additionally, Helping Hands Development Center strives to enhance the lives of the parents/guardians of our students as well.  Our goal is to empower them with the tools enabling them to be well equipped and more than capable of managing their day to day lives.  As it is so adequately said, “give a man a fish, he will not be hungry for a day.  But if you give him the tools to catch the fish himself, he will not be hungry for a lifetime.”  Strong families produce solid and effective communities.


Although HHDC is centrally located in Wilmington Delaware, we are open and available to all families in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties. 



“We are committed to “Empowering Families ~ One Child at A Time.”



Our Mission


Our mission is to empower families by providing a diverse range of educational counseling, interventions, workshops, seminars and other supportive services which promote self-sufficiency.  HHDC also undertakes the awesomely rewarding task of strengthening children with the skills and abilities necessary for ideal social, emotional and behavioral functioning.


Our Vision


Our vision is to provide a center for learning and development, where children and their families are empowered to be successful through the utilization of effective teaching and instructional tools.  Ultimately applying to their lives the things learned to enrich their quality of living.  To bring this to vision to fruition, parents/guardians will have the opportunity to obtain educational counseling services, participate in diverse empowerment seminars, workshops and hands on group discussions.  They will also have a chance to secure a wide range of job training skills.  Additionally, they will gain relevant resource referral information and increase in knowledge concerning life management skills.  For example, hands on parenting classes and learning how to create, manage and apply a realistic budget.  Children’s educational counseling services will be set up to include a range of social skills training, tutoring and homework assistance.  Introduction to games which stimulate the development of analytical skills, such as the thought provoking game of chess. Children will have the chance to participate in academic based fun activities offered in the after school and summer programs.  Services are not only limited to Wilmington, but they are open and available to families residing in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties.