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In our previous blog, we talked about the importance of, “it still taking a village to raise a child”.  Well I’d like to send a tremendous shout out to all the villagers who came out to support and sponsor our young people and encourage our Community Trailblazer Honorees.   Takes a village Our Trailblazer Honorees help make it happen within the village. They make it possible for our youth to be afforded every opportunity to grow, expand and be the best that they can be. Sometimes the folks behind the scenes, who are not looking for  accolades, are the ones who are doing the most, to build the lives of children and families while fostering strong communities. It was unequivocally our honor and privilege to recognize trailblazers and passionate community advocates like Mr. Joe Price and Ms. Eunice LaFate.  Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of the children and families in our community.  Mr. Price is a pillar in our community in the school and the community at large.  Ms. LaFate is always pushing to make sure children can express themselves through the arts and exhibit the artistic ability within, which sometimes can get lost in this journey we call life.  Kudos! Mr. Price and Ms. LaFate, owner of LaFate Gallery in Wilmington, DE.  As we progress into our evening, needless to say and pictured above, things turned magical as our honorees, their families and some of our supporters were honored with the performance of master illusionist Doug Billingsley.  Doug captured the attention of young and old alike, with his awesome engaging performance.  Moving along into the night, our spoken word artist moved in her craft and had much to say.  It was exceptional to say the least. All the above was wonderful, but the highlight of the evening was seeing the faces of the young people as they went up to be honored and received their gifts and awards.  From the elementary age to the teenagers, it was priceless to see their faces as their names were called.To witness the exuberance on their faces is all worth the work it takes to put our HHDC Community Honors Banquet together.  In the village coming together to celebrate our youth, the impact and memories created with this one night will always be immeasurable for some.  Sometimes it is the difference between staying on the right path or veering off the road,  As part of the village, we choose to do what is necessary to keep them on the right path to fulfilling purpose and destiny.  Again, this is not something which we alone can do.  It still takes a village to raise a child.  The village consisting of collaborating partners wanting to see our youth, families and communities have every opportunity to a more excellent quality of life.  Nothing broken and nothing missing.

                                        “WE REALLY ARE BETTER TOGETHER”