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 Bullying is an ongoing problem that we can all help to prevent.  Please let's all band together and make every area of our childeren's lives, a No Bullying Zone!

Various “Types” of Bullying


Stop Bullying!As the school year swiftly approaches, many young scholars are anticipating the start of a new school year, while others are dreading the mere thought of beginning a new school year.  There are many reasons why our young scholars may dread the impending school year, and the fear of bullying should never be one of those reasons.  The Center for Disease Control reports that students who experience bullying are at increased risk for poor school adjustment, sleep difficulties, anxiety and depression.  Let’s think about this for a minute.  If a student is fearful of returning to school because he/she has a bullying issue, the aforementioned is what they may be inwardly battling, and that is a heavy load to carry alone.  CDC also reports that students who engage in bullying behavior are at risk for academic problems, substance abuse, and violent behavior later in adolescence and adulthood.  Moreover, CDC reports that students who are both targets of bullying and engage in bullying behavior are at greater risk for both mental health and behavioral problems, than students who only bully or are only bullied.  Once again, the ugly tentacles of bullying affect both the bully and the victim.  There are different categories  of bullying, and some of them tend to overlap.  Let’s see what those different categories are according to


Pack Bullying

This is just as it seems. It is undertaken by a group.  Pack bullying may be physical or emotional bullying and be perpetrated in person or cyberspace.  In person, it can take place in schoolyards, hallways, gym, athletic fields, classrooms and on the school bus.


Individual Bullying

Is one-on-one bullying that may take place either in person or online, as well as physical bullying or emotional bullying.  It can take place everywhere that pack bullying can, and also in smaller areas into which a pack can’t fit, such as bathrooms.


Physical Bullying

Is bullying that takes the form of physical abuse, such as pushing, shoving, hitting, fighting, spitting and tripping.  Threats of physical harm and attempts to force people to act in ways they would prefer not to are also included.


Emotional Bullying

Involves factors other than physical interactions, such as insults, derogatory remarks, name calling and teasing.  Also included are attempts to ostracize the victim, such as being left out or ignored, which is sometimes referred to as social bullying, as distinguished from verbal bullying.  Emotional bullying could also take the form of purposely misplacing or hiding someone’s belongings.  Emotional bullying can be done in person or through cyberbullying.


Face-to-face bullying

Is bullying in which students confront each other in person.



Is bullying that takes place online through either email, chat rooms, social networking services(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc), text messages, instant messages, website postings, blogs or a combination of means.  Cyber bullies may conceal their identity so the victim experiences an anonymous attack. The content of cyber bullying can consist of all the types of content mentioned in emotional bullying above, including posting insulting and derogatory comments about someone or sending such comments to someone else, sending mean or threatening messages, gossiping about someone online including posting private or sensitive information, impersonating someone in order to cast that person in a bad light, and excluding someone from an online page or group.Unwanted contact, also known as harassment, is another form of cyberbullying.  Last but not least sometimes people are bullied because of their sexual preferences, their ethnic background, religious beliefs or sometimes just because they have a disability of some sort.  Whatever the perceived reason, bullying is wrong and should never be tolerated under any circumstances. I hope in reading this blog, you have learned something about the various types of bullying.  


Until next time, be kind to one another and bond over the things you have in common, while celebrating your individual uniqueness.