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  • Budgeting Financial Literacy

Budgeting Financial Literacy

Budgeting Class/Financial Literacy


This class will focus on teaching parents and/or guardians how to properly budget monies received on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

First, participants will begin this class taking a look at where they are financially. Secondly, they will learn how to evaluate their current spending

habits. Lastly, they will learn how to create a budget whereby they can learn how to start saving money. Families will also learn the following:


➢ Understanding the importance of developing some discipline regarding your finances

➢ How to track your spending on a consistent basis

➢ How to record your spending and the money you begin to save

➢ Understanding the importance of documenting your finances

➢ How to set up different type of categories that force you to save money

➢ Finally, how to begin to save for emergencies


Available days and time: To be determined and scheduled according to one’s interest