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  • Chess Lessons

Chess Lessons

Introductory Chess Lessons
for Adults and Children


Adults and children will be given the opportunity to learn how to play chess. This game is one that has the ability to stimulate the development of analytical skills in adults and children. Chess is a game which is neither gender specific nor age specific. Once the participant learns how the pieces move, the significance of each piece (pawn, knight, rook, bishop, castle, king, queen) along with their value, this game can become quite interesting.

The following are benefits to learning how to play this game:


➢ You will learn how to think ahead, which could benefit you in everyday

life. You could participate in competing with others who are just learning.

This alone will cause your game to improve

➢ Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, guardians and their children can learn together which will provide not only a fun activity, but foster an opportunity to have something in common

➢ For students who begin to learn how to play this game well, they can earn scholarship money in the future for their education. Some junior high schools, high schools and colleges had chess teams who compete nationally and abroad

➢ This game will provide an avenue for the student and/parent or guardian who might not be athletically inclined, to participate in something that is fun and that will stimulate the mind


Available days and times: To be determined and scheduled according to one’s interest