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  • Children & Social Skills

Children & Social Skills

Children and Social Skills Groups


Children will be part of a dynamic group that will run during an 8 week session focusing on Social Skills. Children will learn how to do the following:

➢ Understanding and managing their anger

➢ How to handle negative peer pressure

➢ How to resolve conflict

➢ How to become respectful and responsible to those who are authority figures (parents, teachers, law enforcement, etc.)

➢ Learning effective ways to make and keep good friends

➢ Learning ways to raise self-esteem

➢ Dealing with separation and divorce

➢ How to develop good study skills

These groups will have a maximum of eight children and run during an eight week session. Some of the above topics can be combined in order to ensure that the student is receiving the necessary skills. 

Available days and time: To be determined and scheduled according to one’s interest