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Mentoring Programs

Children Mentoring Program


Children will benefit from being part of a mentoring program that will initially be located at this center. Mentors will spend some time getting to know their student by way of fun activities here at the center.

Some of the activities they will participate in short term are:


➢ Engaging in playing board games

➢ Reading books that teach a variety of life lessons

➢ Participating in art activities


Some of the activities they will participate in long termmare community based such as:


➢ Bowling

➢ Bike riding

➢ Skating

➢ Basketball and/or other sports related activities

➢ Going to see appropriate movies at the theater


All activities will last approximately one hour to two hours depending on the event. The long term goals will not be available until the mentors have participated in adequate training. Once this is developed the community at large will be notified. Currently only the short term events are operational.


Available days and time: To be determined and scheduled according to one’s interest