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Parenting Groups

Parenting Groups


Parents and/or guardian will be part of a dynamic group that will run during an 8 week session focusing on parenting concerns. The following will be discussed during these session


➢ Learning how to send clear messages and set clear limits

➢ Learning how to teach “Natural and Logical” consequences when dealing with negative or positive behaviors

➢ Discussing how to develop family rules that teach responsibility

➢ Learning the importance of “Effective Praise” and the benefits that come with it

➢ Learning ways to raise self-esteem in your child

➢ Learning ways to help your child understand and deal with separation and divorce

➢ Understanding how to set up a good “Reward System” that encourages good behavior


These groups will have a maximum of eight to ten parents and run during an eight week session/time frame. Some of the above topics will be combined in order to ensure that the parent/guardian is receiving the necessary skills. After a period of time, the groups will be contacted as a way to follow up on their progress with their child(ren). This will be discussed prior to the ending of the sessions.


Available days and time: To be determined and scheduled according to one’s interest