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Referral Services

Referral Services


The referral services offered can be provided in person or over the phone. Those that call with specific needs will be referred to an appropriate agency or service that can address their immediate need. Some of the possible organizations that

could assist parents/guardians are the following:


➢ Contact Information for “Crisis Intervention” related services

➢ Referrals to support groups for various concerns

➢ Domestic Violence Referrals

➢ Clothing Resources

➢ Energy Assistance Programs

➢ Financial Assistance Programs

➢ Mental Health Services for children and adolescents

➢ Substance Abuse referrals


This list does not take the place of those who need emergency assistance from the police or from needing medical attention. If emergency intervention is needed, contact 911. Also, this listing is not a conclusive list of all the possible

services families might need. If someone calls with a specific need, everything will be done to direct the person to the appropriate referral source.


Available days and time: This service is immediate