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Tutoring and Homework Assistance


Tutoring will be offered to children in grades 1st – 12th. The instructor will have the ability to teach and re-enforce subjects that the student might find

challenging. Prior to these services, the parent and/or guardian will provide important information regarding the student’s grades in order to determine where the bulk of time should be spent during the sessions. After an adequate amount of sessions are provided to the student, he/she must follow up by presenting his/her report card as a way to see his/her progress. The tutor will provide services in the following areas:


➢ Reading

➢ Writing

➢ Social Studies

➢ Math as well as Algebra, Geometry, Calculus

➢ Science as well as Earth Science, Physical Science, Chemistry

If several students are signed up for assistance, they will be grouped according to their current age and/or academic ability.

Available tutor days and times: To be determined and scheduled according to one’s interest