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Wrap Around Counseling

Wrap Around Counseling


This service will utilize counselors to work with families on behalf of their children in the home as well as in their school. They will participate in school meetings with the interdisciplinary team along with the parent on behalf of the student in order to encourage the child to be successful. Some of the benefits of a program such as this are:


➢ Parents will have the support of a counselor who will advocate for the child

➢ The counselor will also work with the child and parent/guardian surrounding any areas that need special attention

➢ The counselor will support the parent by making sure theyare connected to the appropriate referral sources depending on their needs


This program is designed to help bridge the gap between home and school in order to help the child achieve his/her maximum potential academically, emotionally and behaviorally.


This program is currently being developed. Stay tuned for more information regarding this program and its starting time frame.